2023 NFL Draft: Everyone’s Saying The Same Thing About Roger Goodell’s Outfit Today

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Day 3 of the NFL Draft is taking place on a Saturday, and commissioner Roger Goodell is dressed like it. 

Taking the stage this afternoon sporting a polo shirt and slacks, the commissioner looked better-suited for a golf course than a stage before a national audience. 

This has become something of a tradition for Goodell. In years past, he’s waited for the first pair of draft days to pass before passing up his suit for relaxed attire. Check out his look below in 2021. 

Goodell’s bank account may look more different than the rest of ours, but he has no issue dressing in common outfits in the final rounds of the NFL draft. 

Football fans all thought the same thing about Goodell’s attire this Saturday. 

“Roger Goodell is looking awfully casual today,” Kevin tweeted. 

“Guess it’s casual Saturday at the #Nfldraft for Roger Goodell!” Adam said. 

“Casual dad look for Roger Goodell today. Today is for the hardcore football fan nerds! #Nfldraft,” Susan wrote. 

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