2023 World Baseball Classic scores: Venezuela powers up again; Canada-Great Britain sets WBC record

The 2023 World Baseball Classic has been a thrilling tournament this year, and scores have been breaking records and surprising fans all over the world. Two particular games that have stood out are the match between Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, and the showdown between Canada and Great Britain.

Venezuela, who won the championship in 2009, have been in top form this year, and their match against the Dominican Republic showcased some of the best offensive power seen in the tournament. The game ended with an impressive score of 16-9 in favor of Venezuela, thanks to the efforts of players such as Miguel Cabrera, Jose Altuve, and Ronald Acuna Jr., who had multiple hits and home runs throughout the game. The Dominican Republic tried to keep up with Venezuela’s pace, but the team’s defense proved to be too weak, allowing several runs to be scored.

On the other hand, Canada and Great Britain set a new record in the tournament with a game that included an incredible 22 innings. The game began as a tight battle, with both teams trading runs and playing solid defense. However, as the innings wore on, fatigue began to set in, and the game became a battle of attrition, with both teams swinging for the fences to try and end the game. The game finally ended in the early hours of the morning with a score of 6-5 in favor of Canada, who had held on for an impressive victory.

These two games are just a snapshot of the incredible action that has taken place in the WBC this year. With several games left to play and many teams still in contention for the championship, fans can expect even more excitement and nail-biting finishes in the coming days. Whether you’re a fan of Venezuela’s offensive firepower or Canada’s gritty determination, the 2023 World Baseball Classic has something for everyone.

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