Aaron Judge injury: Three things to know about Yankees’ disappointing outfield situation with slugger hurt

The New York Yankees have been hit with a major blow as one of their star outfielders, Aaron Judge, suffers from an injury. Judge, who is one of the most popular sluggers in the game, has been an integral part of the Yankees’ batting lineup, and his absence is sure to leave a void in the outfield setup. Here are three things that fans need to know about the Yankees’ disappointing outfield situation with Judge hurt:

1. The extent of the injury

Aaron Judge suffered a rib stress fracture during last year’s American League Championship Series (ALCS) and underwent surgery to fix the issue. However, he began experiencing shoulder and chest soreness leading up to the delayed 2020 season, which led to further tests. His most recent injury is a new one, a right calf strain that sidelined him from the team’s opening day 9-2 victory over the Washington Nationals. It remains to be seen how long Judge will be out, but Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone noted that it may take some time for him to recover fully.

2. The potential impact on the team

The Yankees are no strangers to injuries. Many of their star players have missed significant portions of the season due to injuries in recent years. However, Judge’s injury is particularly tragic because of his status as a star player and the importance of his presence in the outfield. Since the start of his major league career, Judge has hit 110 home runs, with a .273 batting average and accumulated a .923 OPS. His absence has ample potential to damage the team’s offensive output and overall performance on the field.

3. The alternatives

The Yankees, however, are not short of options to buoy their outfield setup without Judge. Brett Gardner, who spent most of his 12-year career in left field, is capable of playing center field in Judge’s absence. Additionally, Clint Frazier, another talented outfielder, will likely benefit from Judge’s absence, as he may get more playing time. The Yankees have also moved Miguel Andujar to the outfield, amid the looming void. The main thing that the team would hope for is that Judge can recover faster, so as not to negatively impact the team for an extended period.

In conclusion, the Yankees’ situation with Aaron Judge’s injury is a setback, but the team has various alternatives to offset his absence. His injury highlights the importance of having a strong and deep bench, and the Yankees will be weighing their options as to how to manage the outfield situation in the coming weeks. For now, fans will be eagerly anticipating Judge’s return, but the team must focus on winning without the big man in right field.

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