Astros extension talk: Long-term deals with Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman could wait until 2024

As the Houston Astros prepare for the upcoming 2021 season, they are also considering long-term extensions for two of their star players, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman. Altuve has been a cornerstone of the team for years, while Bregman has emerged as one of the game’s top players in recent years. However, according to recent reports, any extension talks could be put on hold for a few years.

Both Altuve and Bregman are under contract with the Astros through the 2024 season. While the team would undoubtedly like to lock them up for even longer, there are some factors that could lead them to wait a bit longer before offering extensions.

For one, the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the finances of many MLB teams, including the Astros. While the team has not been hit as hard as some others, they still may be hesitant to commit to big-money deals until they have a better idea of what their financial situation will look like in the coming years.

Another factor to consider is the impending free agency of outfielder George Springer. Springer is set to hit the open market after the 2020 season, and the Astros will likely want to focus their attention on re-signing him before turning their attention to Altuve and Bregman.

It’s also worth noting that Altuve and Bregman are both still relatively young. Altuve is 30 years old, while Bregman is just 26. The Astros may feel that there’s no rush to sign them to long-term deals when they still have several years of team control remaining.

Of course, there are arguments to be made in favor of extending both Altuve and Bregman sooner rather than later. Altuve is a fan favorite in Houston and has been a consistent contributor for years. Bregman, meanwhile, has emerged as one of the game’s brightest young stars and figures to be a cornerstone of the Astros’ roster for years to come.

Ultimately, the decision of when to pursue long-term extensions for Altuve and Bregman will be up to the Astros’ front office. Given their track record of success over the past few years, Astros fans can trust that the team will make the right decision when it comes to locking up their star players for the long haul.

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