Chargers' Rule Proposal Would Have Significant Impact On NFL Playoffs

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may feel as if the Los Angeles Chargers subtweeted them today. 

The NFL released its list of proposed rule changes from teams. One of the Los Angeles Chargers’ contributions would radically change the postseason landscape if put into place. 

In its proposal to restructure the NFL playoffs, the Chargers stated: “Wild Card teams may be seeded higher than Division Champions if any of the Wild Card teams have four or more wins than a Division Champion with a won-lost-tied percentage lower than .500. 

Tie games shall be included in the calculation as a half win and a half loss.”

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it: This proposed rule change wouldn’t cross a team’s mind if not for the Buccaneers’ 2022 campaign. 

Competing in the beleaguered NFC South, Tampa Bay finished to an underwhelming 8-9 record that should have ended its season. 

But with every other NFC South team finishing with a 7-10 record, the Bucs enjoyed a controversial playoff berth. 

If the Chargers’ rule amendment were put into place, the Dallas Cowboys- who finished the year 12-5 behind the Philadelphia Eagles- would have been seeded above the Buccaneers.

Teams are merely making proposals with no guarantees of their amendments being put into place. But if accepted, the Chargers’ rule change would prevent scenarios like a bad division-winner being regarded above a stellar wild-card team.

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Publish Date:2023-03-14 07:45:06

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