Conflicting Aaron Rodgers Trade Reports Emerge On Monday

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Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets is happening if — and only if — Rodgers returns to the NFL for a 19th season in 2023.

“Hearing Rodgers to the Jets is done,” Trey Wingo reported on Monday. “History about to repeat itself between New York and Green Bay. Time is indeed a flat circle.”

Nearly four hours into the tampering period, before free agency officially starts on Wednesday, there is still no word on whether Rodgers will return. There is, reportedly, a deal in place between the Green Bay Packers and Jets if he does decide to do so.

After Wingo’s report, fans turned to other NFL insiders to confirm the news, but NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and ESPN’s Adam Schefter had no intel pointing to Rodgers joining the AFC East.

The Packers informed Rodgers that they’d like a decision from him before March 15, the start of the new league year, and the future Hall of Fame quarterback is cutting it awfully close.

So, while the NFL world remains on the edge of its seat on Rodgers watch, the Jets appear to be sitting back “cautiously optimistic.”

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