Cowboys Announce New Decision On Odell Beckham Jr.

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Odell Beckham Jr.’s free agency was a persistent storyline through the 2022 season, and it’s one that amounted to nothing. 

The Dallas Cowboys, who were widely considered to be frontrunners for Beckham Jr.’s services, ultimately forged on without OBJ. But it doesn’t appear that owner Jerry Jones and company burned any bridges in the course of negotiations. 

According to Cowboys writer Clarence Hill Jr., Jones and his son, Stephen (the Cowboys’ CEO), are prepared to resume talks with Beckham Jr. over the offseason. 

This development makes sense on a couple of levels. 

Chiefly, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys always seemed a logical landing spot for Beckham Jr. Head coach Mike McCarthy wanted Odell, and Jerry at one point even went as far as saying “Odell’s going to join us.”

Health concerns ultimately stood in the way of Beckham Jr. joining the Cowboys for a playoff run. Dallas reportedly feared Odell hadn’t made a full recovery from an ACL tear. These suspicions were all but confirmed by Beckham Jr.’s decision to sit out for the season. 

The Cowboys have players like Ezekiel Elliott to re-sign, and they’ll have plenty of competition to bring Beckham Jr. aboard. But if Odell was a good fit for the team last season, he’ll be a good fit for Dallas over the offseason.

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