Dan Snyder’s nemesis signs confidentiality agreement amid Commanders sale

dan snyders nemesis signs confidentiality

In late February, several reports suggested that Dan Snyder continued to block billionaire Jeff Bezos, a known nemesis of Snyder, from bidding on the Washington Commanders.

Is that finally about to change?

The New York Post reports that Bezos recently signed a confidentiality agreement which may signal that his path to bid has finally been cleared. It also comes on the heels of reports suggesting NFL owners can not reach the 75% threshold required to force Snyder into selling his team.

Although the bidding process has been open, none of the offers have come close to Snyder’s $6 billion floor.

“This is the boy’s club of boy’s clubs,” a source close to an NFL owner told The Post. “They want a higher bar so there is no precedent for them (to be forced to sell their teams).”

In addition to the $6 billion floor, Snyder reportedly also requested indemnification from any future litigation against him by the league. That was reported by Bezos’ Washington Post, which had previously blown the doors open on the alleged sexual harassment that not only took place within the organization, but that Snyder purportedly helped cover up.

That remains a sore spot for Snyder and why he has repeatedly attempted to prevent Bezos from bidding.

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Publish Date:2023-03-12 03:26:30

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