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Fictional Coaches Draft: Picking the best coaches from movies and TV shows ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft

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As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, a new type of draft is taking place: the Fictional Coaches Draft. Fans and analysts are scouring movies and TV shows for the best coaches to fill hypothetical coaching vacancies in the NFL.

With so many iconic fictional coaches to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the top picks. However, after much debate and analysis, here are some of the top selections from the Fictional Coaches Draft.

First up is Coach Herman Boone from the movie “Remember the Titans.” Played by Denzel Washington, Boone was a no-nonsense coach who transformed a racially divided team into a championship contender. His leadership and motivational tactics would make him an ideal fit for a struggling NFL team looking to turn things around.

Next on the list is Coach Eric Taylor from the TV show “Friday Night Lights.” Taylor, played by Kyle Chandler, is a beloved figure in the fictional town of Dillon, Texas, where he leads the high school football team to multiple state championships. His ability to inspire and motivate his players would translate well to the NFL level.

Another top pick is Coach Gordon Bombay from the movie “The Mighty Ducks.” Played by Emilio Estevez, Bombay starts out as a selfish lawyer who is forced to coach a misfit youth hockey team. Through his coaching, he learns to put the needs of others before his own and leads his team to success. His transformation and dedication to his players would make him a valuable addition to any NFL coaching staff.

For a more unconventional pick, there’s Coach Jimmy Dugan from the movie “A League of Their Own.” Played by Tom Hanks, Dugan is a washed-up former baseball player who takes on the coaching role for a women’s professional baseball team during World War II. Despite his initial reluctance, Dugan becomes invested in the success of his team and helps them reach the league’s championship game. His unorthodox methods and willingness to adapt to his players could make him a valuable asset in the NFL.

Lastly, there’s Coach Tony D’Amato from the movie “Any Given Sunday.” Played by Al Pacino, D’Amato is a seasoned NFL coach who is faced with a struggling team and off-field controversies. His ability to navigate difficult situations and motivate his players through adversity would make him a valuable addition to any NFL coaching staff.

While these may be fictional coaches, their leadership skills and ability to inspire their players make them appealing options for real NFL teams. Whether they would be successful in the modern NFL remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – they would bring a unique perspective to the game.

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