Former Ohio State Star Arrested On Monday, Accused Of Attacking Mom And Mother Of Child

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A former star of the Ohio State Buckeyes and NFL first round draft pick was arrested Monday after allegedly assaulting family members.

Darron Lee, who played in the NFL from 2016 to 2021, was booked in Dublin, Ohio on Monday. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Lee was charged with two counts of misdemeanor domestic violence and two counts of misdemeanor assault. 

TMZ’s account of Lee’s alleged behavior is gruesome and may be triggering for survivors of domestic abuse. 

According to court documents, the mother of Darron’s child, Lindsey McGlone, discovered Lee attacking his mother, Candice. Per McGlone’s account of the evening, she discovered Candice “lying on her back with Mr. Lee overtop of her with a raised fist.”

McGlone had reportedly told Lee’s mother that she hadn’t been feeling safe around Darron. As the TMZ report outlines, McGlone had accused Lee of domestic violence on prior occasions. 

This past October, McGlone recalled an instance in which she said Darron accused her of infidelity. According to McGlone, “Darron got on top of her while she was in bed, and said ‘that he would kill her and their child.’ She then claimed he punched the pillow next to her head multiple times before he squeezed her throat.”

As of this writing, Darron Lee remains incarcerated.

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