Former Packers VP: Fans 'Ready To Move On' From Aaron Rodgers



The Green Bay Packers are going through a strikingly similar process to the one that played out 15 years ago, when the franchise traded 16-year starting quarterback Brett Favre to the New York Jets in order to turn the offense over to Aaron Rodgers.

This time, Rodgers is the future Hall of Famer weighing retirement but also being pursued by the Jets. Conflicting reports have emerged about how close the Packers and Jets are to completing a trade for Rodgers, but it’s become clear that, if Rodgers wants to continue playing, it will likely be in New York. That’s because this time, the Packers are ready to turn to a different former first-round draft pick behind center in Jordan Love.

Despite all the similarities, however, one of the people who was involved in Packers’ the decision to move on from Favre believes one key thing is different this time around.

Andrew Brandt, who served as Green Bay’s Vice President of Player Finance from 1999-2008, believes there is not nearly as much uproar from Packers fans about the team moving parting ways with Rodgers. In fact, Brandt tweeted Saturday that “it seems like a decent segment of the fan base is ready to move on.”

“Brett was incredibly popular; the hate we received from moving on to Aaron was overwhelming,” Brandt tweeted. “I don’t sense the same here; it seems like a decent segment of the fan base is ready to move on to Jordan.”

That observation might be surprising to some. Rodgers certainly endeared himself to many Packers fans during his tenure, which saw him win one Super Bowl and four NFL MVP awards. Favre, by comparison, also won a Super Bowl and was named MVP three times.

But perhaps having lived through a similar situation and seen it work out well has given some Packers fans a bit more faith in the front office. It could also be that some are experiencing a bit of fatigue with Rodgers’ second annual flirtation with retirement, his public head-butting with the front office and other off-field antics.

Another key difference: in Favre’s last season in Green Bay, he led the team to a 13-3 record and finished second in the MVP voting. Rodgers, on the other hand, saw his numbers dip in 2022, during which the Packers went 8-9 and missed the playoffs.

Whatever the reason, it appears a good number of Packers fans feel the same way as the team’s front office. In a Friday interview, team president Mark Murphy all but confirmed the recent reports that the team would rather not have Rodgers behind center in 2023.

We should know soon whether or not Rodgers will be retired or suiting up for the Jets instead.

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