Joe Mixon shares his side of story surrounding shooting incident

joe mixon shares his side story surrounding

Joe Mixon will not be charged over an incident that took place outside his house in Cincinnati earlier this month, and the star running back has now shared his side of the story.

Mixon’s agent, Peter Schaffer, released a lengthy statement on Thursday revealing that the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office has decided not to file any charges against Mixon. Schaffer said in the statement that Mixon had become “the victim of multiple threats of physical harm on social media and at his residence” after his address was “improperly released to the public” last month.

Schaffer said Mixon had returned to his house from California on March 6 with his sister, her five children, her male companion and Mixon’s physical therapist. That night, several vehicles pulled up in front of Mixon’s house and blocked the street. Mixon and the physical therapist saw multiple people carrying what appeared to be firearms into neighboring yards. One of the individuals, who turned out to be high schoolers, went to the trunk of his vehicle and got out what looked like a rifle.

Mixon said he feared for the safety of everyone in his home. He went outside to figure out what was going on and saw an individual racing toward his property with what he thought was a real firearm. At that point, Schaffer says someone else who was with Mixon discharged a firearm, and Mixon “intercepted to stop the person.”

You can read the full statement below:

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Publish Date:2023-03-17 04:55:01

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