Look: Ben Roethlisberger Takes Shot At Robert Griffin III On Podcast

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Ben Roethlisberger took heat earlier this month for perceived slights directed toward Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. 

Big Ben matter-of-factly said that Lamar’s pocket presence isn’t a concern for opposing defenses. Further, Roethlisberger characterized Jackson’s accuracy as pedestrian.

Rebuttals poured in from around the league. One of Roethlisberger’s most ardent critics was fellow retired quarterback Robert Griffin III. “RG III” laid into Ben, saying he was tearing down a young quarterback in Jackson. 

Now that the dust has more or less settled, Roethlisberger publicly reflected on the saga. On his podcast, Footbahlin, Roethlisberger accused Griffin of taking his words out of context and lamented Robert’s role in the conflict.

“Even if I compliment [Jackson], Bob Griffin will find a way to turn it around negatively,” Roethlisberger remarked. 

From there, Ben criticized Griffin for selecting just a small portion of his remarks on Lamar Jackson. 

“Yeah, use the whole thing, right? It was nothing but a compliment. I respect Lamar. Lamar is an absolute freak, and he is a game-changer. And all I said was: People are more scared of his legs than his arm. I’ve sat in meetings where we’ve had to game-plan. And no one ever said ‘Hey, get him out of the pocket.'”

Roethlisberger sighed, adding “oh my gosh, it’s like I bashed him.”

Whether his words will result in a repaired relationship with Jackson or not, Ben made his feelings clear: There’s no malice between the two. And Roethlisberger wishes Griffin wouldn’t have stoked the flames of their disagreement.

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