Look: Joe Burrow Wins Notable Ohio Award Over Unlikely Competitor

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You know Joe Burrow, the AFC North champion. Now, meet Joe Burrow, the No. 1 Cincinnatian.

In the Cincinnati Zoo in CityBeat’s 27th Annual Best of Cincinnati Awards, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback took home the honor of “Best Cincinnatian,” dethroning Fiona the hippo, who’s won the award for five years running.

“Well, it was a good run! After five years at the top spot, it took Bengals QB @JoeyB to finally dethrone Fiona the hippo as the #1 Cincinnatian! Congrats Joe Burrow! Who Dey!” the Cincinnati Zoo tweeted.

Burrow has become a beloved figure in Cincinnati, helping resurge the city to football excellence. He led the team to a Super Bowl run in 2021 and a Conference Championship appearance in 2022 since being drafted by the Bengals with the first-overall pick in 2020.

A former Bengals offensive lineman, Anthony Muñoz, came in sixth on the list. Other athletes, like USWNT star Rose Lavelle, who was born in Cincinnati, and former Cincinnati Reds player Pete Rose were also ranked.

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