Marriott Reveals Allegations Against Michael Irvin

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More than a month after Michael Irvin was pulled from his NFL Network television gig as a result of allegations of misconduct, we finally have some insight into those allegations.

Marriott disclosed specific details about the inappropriate behavior Irvin allegedly directed toward an employee of a Phoenix area hotel prior to the Super Bowl in a court filing on Friday. The specifics were obtained by Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

Irvin has since filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against Marriott and the employee, whose identity has not been revealed.

Marriott alleges that Irvin flagged down the employee, told her he found her attractive, and introduced himself. Below is an excerpt from the court filing, via ProFootballTalk.

“Irvin also reached out and touched the Victim’s arm during this conversation without her consent, causing her to step back, becoming visibly uncomfortable. Irvin then asked the Victim whether she knew anything about having a ‘big Black man inside of [her].’ Taken aback by Irvin’s comments, the Victim responded that his comments were inappropriate, and she did not wish to discuss it further.

“Irvin then attempted to grab the Victim’s hand again and said he was ‘sorry if he brought up bad memories’ for her.’ The Victim pulled her hand away and tried to back away from Irvin as he continued to move towards her.”

Marriott alleges that two other hotel employees noticed the victim appearing uncomfortable and moved closer to the interaction. At that point, Irvin shook the employee’s hand and “stated that he would come back to find her sometime that week when she was working.”

The filing also claims that Irvin “said aloud, ‘She bad,’ ‘She bad,’ ‘I want to hit that,’ and slapped himself in the face three times, saying, ‘Keep it together, Mike.’”

Irvin’s attorney Levi McCathern, responded with a statement to Gehlken in which he called the allegations “total hogwash.” He said the security footage of the interaction will prove those allegations false, and he hopes to release it next week. 

McCathern revealed during a press conference on Wednesday that he had been granted access to the footage but not allowed to share it with Irvin or the public. 

“Marriott’s recently-created account goes against all the eyewitnesses and Michael’s own testimony as well as common sense,” McCathern said. “We will release the video next week. There is no sexual assault. The fact Marriott is taking the position that it is is an insult to all of the true female victims out there.”

The allegations are, obviously, disturbing. Hopefully the release of the video allows the truth about the interaction to come out.

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