Max Scherzer says World Baseball Classic would benefit by moving to in-season format: ‘It’d be a real game’

Max Scherzer, the seven-time MLB All-Star, recently shared his thoughts on the World Baseball Classic (WBC) and suggested that the tournament would benefit tremendously if it was moved to an in-season format. The outstanding pitcher stated that conducting the competition during the regular season would make every game more meaningful.

Scherzer, who plays for the Washington Nationals, was a member of the gold medal-winning US team in the WBC 2017 edition. He emphasized that playing in the WBC was one of the most memorable experiences of his career. The player revealed that the greatest advantage of the tournament is the passion and excitement that the players and fans bring to the field.

Although the competition is undoubtedly compelling, Scherzer acknowledged that the timing of the WBC is not favorable. The event is typically played in March, which clashes with Spring Training – the final phase of preparation for the regular season. Scherzer believes that this timing results in many players not being able to compete due to injury concerns or team commitments. Furthermore, the exhibition-like games do not have the same level of intensity as an in-season game.

Therefore, Scherzer urged the officials to move the World Baseball Classic to an in-season format. The proposal would increase the stakes of the games, make them more meaningful, and add another layer of competition and motivation for the players. Many fans and experts have also expressed a similar opinion, stating that the in-season format would garner more attention and enthusiasm from fans worldwide.

In conclusion, Max Scherzer is one of the most prominent voices in the world of baseball, and his proposal to move the World Baseball Classic to an in-season format seems sensible. By doing so, the tournament would gain more credibility and relevance, and in turn, attract more players and fans. It would be exciting to see what changes the officials would make regarding Scherzer’s proposal and how it could affect the competition. Undoubtedly, moving the WBC to an in-season format would make it a real game.

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