Mike Vrabel Reveals Titans’ Quarterback Depth Chart After Drafting Will Levis



Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel has confirmed quarterback Ryan Tannehill has retained his starting job. But the way in which he announced it may lead fans to think the situation is fluid. 

In a soundbite captured by Bobby Kownack of, Vrabel gave an update of the team’s pecking order with Will Levis now on board. Here’s how he framed the situation. 

“Ryan will be the starting quarterback on Monday. Malik will be the backup. Will will be the third quarterback. And what I’ve told them is whatever happens after that will be up to the players,” Vrabel said. 

The sixth-year Titans coach insisted this isn’t a departure from the team’s standard operating procedure, adding “That’s what it’s always been here. That’s what we always want it to be.”

Nevertheless, Vrabel’s comments serve as food for thought for Tennessee’s fanbase. Tannehill is entering his final year with guaranteed money as a Titan. And having performed to a lowly 49.1 Total QBR last season, his long-term spot on the team is anything but certain. 

Further, if a quarterback competition boils down to Levis and Willis, the former may have the upper hand. Reports surfaced just last week indicating that Tennessee had “lost faith” in Malik. 

It’s far too early to say that Levis will start games in 2023. But his presence certainly gives Vrabel more options than he had before the NFL draft. 

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Publish Date:2023-04-29 22:48:54

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