Raiders owner Mark Davis rips Athletics for potential move to Las Vegas: ‘All they did was f— the Bay Area’

In recent news, the owner of the Raiders, Mark Davis, has publicly criticized the Oakland Athletics for their potential move to Las Vegas. Davis stated, “All they did was f— the Bay Area,” expressing his frustration with the Athletics’ plans to leave Oakland.

The controversy surrounding the Athletics’ move to Las Vegas has been ongoing for months. The team has been exploring options for a new stadium and has set its sights on Sin City as a potential new location. However, the team’s proposed move has faced major opposition from Oakland officials and residents.

Davis, who relocated the Raiders to Las Vegas in 2020, expressed his disappointment with the Athletics’ decision to leave Oakland. He felt like the move would not only harm the city’s economy but also damage the Bay Area’s sports reputation.

In an interview with ESPN, Davis stated, “They talked about the Oakland A’s being the only team in Oakland, and that’s what they’re going for. But when you talk about the Bay Area, you’re talking about the 49ers, you’re talking about the Warriors, you’re talking about the Giants, you’re talking about the Sharks. The A’s are going to be the only team left out. And they’re going to be in Vegas. It doesn’t sit well with me.”

Davis’s words were not well received by Athletics owner John Fisher, who expressed his disappointment with Davis’s comments. Fisher stated, “We understand that Mark Davis is disappointed with our decision to explore Las Vegas as an option, but he fails to recognize the comprehensive nature of our deliberations and the years of work that went into them.”

Despite the controversy, the Athletics’ move to Las Vegas is still pending approval from the league’s owners. If approved, the team will become the second professional sports team to make the move from Oakland to Las Vegas in recent years, following in the footsteps of the Raiders.

In conclusion, the potential move of the Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas has caused a public feud between the owners of both the Raiders and Athletics. Whether or not the Athletics will make the move and what the impact of the move will be on the Bay Area sports scene remains to be seen. However, the controversy has served as a reminder of the significant impact that sports teams can have on local economies and communities.

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