Reactions Pour in After 49ers Get Linked To Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers wants to play for the Jets. That interest is reciprocated by the AFC East franchise. The Packers want to get rid of him and enter a new era. So what’s the holdup?

That’s the question NFL experts and fans are asking. All three parties are saying the right thing, but a trade has yet to materialize. Insert the San Francisco 49ers. 

FS1 talk show host Craig Carton told listeners on Tuesday that the San Francisco 49ers are ready to get involved if the Jets-Packers trade centered on Rodgers falls through. 

“Aaron Rodgers would absolutely want to play for this franchise: [the] San Francisco 49ers. They have Trey Lance, who’s coming off a broken ankle, Brock Purdy, who’s not going to be throwing till August or September, and they signed Sam Darnold. They do not have a quarterback right now. Maybe, Trey [Lance] becomes a stud. We don’t know. Aaron Rodgers is from the area and has always said, ‘I might want to go home one day’,” Carton said.

“Now, he famously also said,’ I want to screw it to San Francisco for not drafting me’. Well, he’s already done that, okay? So, here’s the reality. San Francisco does not have a first-round draft pick in this draft. They gave them all away to get Trey Lance. They do, however, because of compensatory picks, have like five third-round picks,” Carton added. “So, the conversation has been: multiple third-round picks in this draft, and a first-round pick in next draft. They become the team to beat.”

Sounds fun, right? Aaron Rodgers could absolutely win a Super Bowl with the 49ers in year one. San Francisco’s roster is one of the best in the NFL. 

However, as many have pointed out, there’s simply too many financial obstacles to make it work. 

“The 49ers have $3 mil in cap space while John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have talked up the luxury of having a cheap QB room after signing an $84M DT ahead of making Nick Bosa the highest paid defender in the NFL. Other than that, Kirk Cousins/Aaron Rodgers make *a ton* of sense,” said Chris Biderman. 

“Amid rumors about the 49ers and Patriots conversations about Aaron Rodgers, worth mentioning the Jets said they wouldn’t talk to the Ravens about Lamar, but I don’t think Brian Gutekunst said anything about not engaging other teams on Rodgers,” Peter Bukowski said. 

“Aaron Rodgers: ‘I’d never play for the 49ers’ 49ers: Have no draft picks, cap space and 3 QBs on the roster. Internet: He’s a Niner,” The Buffalo Jet Fan quipped. 

“I do not like Aaron Rodgers personality at all but I think people are severely underestimated how good he is as a quarterback. I’d take him on the 49ers in a minute and they would probably win a Super Bowl,” Ryan G Hensley wrote. 

“aaron rodgers getting traded to the 49ers for a handful of third-round picks — a round that has not stopped beating the packers’ ass — would simultaneously be so funny and also the cruelest twist of irony ever conceived. it’s the embodiment of ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,'” Zach Jacobson tweeted.

It’s the NFL offseason, folks. In other words, take everything you hear with a grain of salt. 

Aaron Rodgers will not be playing for the 49ers next season. The Packers don’t want to trade him to an NFC contender. The 49ers don’t have the money to make it work. Oh, and Rodgers has said many times before how much he despises San Francisco’s organization for passing up the opportunity to draft him back in 2005. 

It’s the Jets or nothing for Rodgers and the Packers. 

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