Red Sox manager Alex Cora says he wasn’t accusing Orioles of stealing signs

The Boston Red Sox Manager, Alex Cora, has stated that he never accused the Baltimore Orioles of stealing signs during their recent series. The accusations were made following the previous series between the two teams, with some Red Sox players reportedly noticing suspicious activity in the Orioles dugout.

However, Cora has since sought to clarify his comments, stating that he was merely pointing out that signs are sometimes stolen in baseball and that it is part of the game. He went on to say that he doesn’t believe the Orioles were specifically stealing signs from the Red Sox during their recent games.

The comments come amid an ongoing controversy over the use of technology to steal signs in baseball. In recent years, several teams have been found to be using cameras and other devices to gain an unfair advantage during games, leading to punishments from the league.

Cora himself was previously implicated in a sign-stealing scandal during his time as bench coach for the Houston Astros. He was suspended for the entire 2020 season for his role in the scandal, which involved the use of cameras to decode opposing teams’ signs and signal them to Astros players.

Despite this history, Cora has consistently denied any involvement in sign-stealing during his time with the Red Sox. He has also been praised by players and coaches for his leadership and integrity on and off the field.

Moving forward, the issue of sign-stealing is likely to remain a contentious one in baseball. While many argue that it is simply part of the game, others feel that the use of technology to gain an advantage is unethical and undermines the integrity of the sport.

For now, Cora’s comments have cleared the air regarding the recent accusations against the Orioles. However, the debate over the use of technology in sign-stealing is far from over, and it remains to be seen how the league will address the issue in the coming years.

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