Report: NFL investigation into Commanders dredging up new issues for Dan Snyder

report investigation commanders dredging new

The NFL’s ongoing investigation into the Washington Commanders may turn up new problems for owner Daniel Snyder, according to a report.

The outside investigation by former SEC chief Mary Jo White has caused more financial concerns to surface than previously known, according to A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports. One focus of the investigation, according to Perez, is whether Snyder used loans improperly — including one $450 million loan from the league itself which Snyder used to buy out three co-owners.

The report additionally reveals that Snyder is one of the only NFL owners to pay himself a salary. Snyder paid himself more than $10 million annually prior to the pandemic and has apparently given himself a raise since then. This is not technically illegal under NFL rules, though there are too many question marks to count with Snyder at this point.

In addition to the investigation by the NFL, itself, the organization is also the subject of a federal investigation over potential financial improprieties. Snyder is thought to be moving toward selling the franchise, but has reportedly alienated fellow owners with some of his demands while attempting to work through that process.

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Publish Date:2023-03-18 07:09:06

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