Sports Media Analyst: Fox Would Be ‘Stupid’ To Put Tom Brady In Super Bowl Booth

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Tom Brady’s NFL playing career is officially over. But there’s no mystery as to what he’ll do next.

Brady has already signed a massive 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox to become the network’s lead NFL commentator.Β 

Given the network’s financial commitment to Brady, some have wondered whether fans might see him in the broadcast booth during Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 12. However, Andrew Marchand, the sports media columnist for the New York Post who broke the news of Brady’s deal with Fox, doesn’t believe that’s likely.

Following the news of Brady’s retirement, Marchand wrote that Brady could appear on Fox’s studio coverage prior to the big game. But he believes the network would be “stupid” to replace color commentator Greg Olsen with Brady or to insert Brady into the booth alongside Olsen and Kevin Burkhardt on such a prominent stage.

Marchand writes:

“As for this Super Bowl, which is on Fox, all indications are that network executives will not put him in the booth. They know it would be stupid and unwise with their $375 million investment to try a three-man setup for the first time with 100 million people watching. If Brady was unsteady, he would immediately create more questions as to why Fox is replacing Olsen with him. And that investment might quickly look poor.”

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Publish Date:2023-02-02 01:09:17

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