Surprising Details Emerge From Tom Brady, Gisele Situation

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In the wake of Tom Brady’s decision to retire, one of the most prominent voices to wish him success in life after football was Gisele Bundchen. 

Gisele, whose divorce from Brady was well-publicized last season, didn’t appear to harbor resentment from the split. Quite to the contrary: As Us Weekly reported today, Gisele may have guided Brady through his choice to retire.

In an article by Johnni Macke, Gisele was said to be a “real rock” for Brady amid this turbulent time. 

In her write-up, Macke relayed up-to-date info on Brady and Gisele from an insider source.

Per Us Weekly, the former power couple was said to be on “cordial terms” and “talked this through before [Brady] came to the final decision.”

Today’s development is a heartening one for all parties involved. In announcing his divorce from Gisele, Brady wrote “We arrived at this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time we spent together,” while stressing that the two would continue prioritizing their children. 

Brady and Gisele have been able to co-exist on amicable terms as promised, and- if Us Weekly’s reporting is to be believed- can still confide in one another for major decisions like the one Brady made.

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