These Arizona Cardinals Concept Uniforms are Better than the Real Ones

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The Arizona Cardinals finally unveiled a uniform redesign Thursday night that was much needed, but the new combos left plenty to be desired.

They updated the logo and helmet, added a giant “ARIZONA” wordmark to the front of the home jerseys, kept the all-black alternate getup, but continued to eschew anything that would indicate a team that plays in the desert.

They’re not the first NFL team to fail their uniform redesign, as Twitter users continue to deliver better ideas in this department than the actual teams themselves.

Here’s an example of a Cardinals uniform concept that would have blown the real ones out of the water:

A great mix up modern updates, classic elements, homage to their team history and locale, and an iconic look with versatility without gimmicks. 

Memo to NFL teams: Just check Twitter next time.

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Publish Date:2023-04-21 21:42:29

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