Top NFL Agent Makes Bold Pitch To Lamar Jackson in Response To Failed Contract Talks With Ravens

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Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have been in gridlock for months on end over a contract extension in part because Jackson doesn’t have an agent.

Drew Rosenhaus, owner of the sports agency Rosenhaus Sports, thinks he could’ve had a deal done between Jackson and the Ravens, or another quarterback-needy team, by now. 

“I wish I was the agent for Lamar Jackson because he’s a great football player and I’m confident I could get a deal worked out for him,” Rosenhaus said on The Pat McAfee Show. “I think guaranteed contracts are amazing and obviously, as an agent, would love to see all contracts in the NFL fully guaranteed and be more consistent with what we see in Major League Baseball and the NBA. But I don’t think you must have a five-year, fully guaranteed contract to make it work.

“There should be a compromise. I, as an agent, learned a long time ago, try to stay away from restraints.”

Rosenhaus said while Deshaun Watson, who’s on a five-year, $230 million fully guaranteed contract, has a great deal, there are other types of great deals to ink. Rosenhaus said one example would be four years of fully guaranteed money with a fifth year’s guaranteed money dependent on play or injury.

“There’s ways to get deals done and Lamar has the right to represent himself. As the 35-year veteran in this business, I’m confident I could get with the Ravens and their general manager Eric DeCosta and work out a deal with Eric. If not that, I’m confident I could find a deal with another team,” Rosenhaus said.

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Publish Date:2023-04-06 03:10:48

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