WATCH: Minnesota’s ‘All Hockey Hair Team’ unveiled at state high school tournament

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When it comes to hockey, the state of Minnesota is home of some of the sport’s top players over the years. It’s also home to some of the top lettuce in the sport — at any level.

The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament has unveiled its annual All Hockey Hair Team. The All Hockey Hair Team video for 2023 features introductions of some of the top players from around the state, and there were some mighty impressive heads of hair to be seen.

Check out the video below:

Most of these high schoolers look like they could pass for professional athletes considering the flows that they have on their heads. What’s the most impressive is the fact that each player seemed to have a different style, as you saw everything from an afro to a mullet taking center stage.

Minnesota’s All Hockey Hair Team is an annual tradition. The video helps raise money for the Hendrickson Foundation, which supports sled, special, military blind and deaf hockey players throughout the state of Minnesota.

The tournament concluded on Saturday night with Grand Rapids defeating Moorhead 6-3, but that’s not exactly what was making headlines when it came to the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament.

With all of the proceeds from the video going to charity, it’s an awesome tradition that Minnesota has on their hands…err heads.

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